What Should You Do If You Are Injured in A DUI Accident?

Being involved in any car accident can be a scary and traumatic experience. This is especially true if you’re injured in a DUI accident. We all know that driving while under the influence of a controlled substance is against the law. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop thousands of people each year from getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. If you have recently been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, keep reading to learn about the steps that need to be taken to ensure that you can get the help you deserve.

What to do if You are Involved in a DUI Accident

The first thing you should do when you are involved in an accident is to call the police and assess any damage. If you or anyone else is injured, you should also call an ambulance.

In many states, the law requires you to report any accident to the police that involves damage to property, personal injury, or death. When the police get to the scene of the accident, they will assess the situation, and if they suspect that the other driver has been drinking, they will perform the necessary test to test whether or not the driver is too impaired to drive.

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you exchange information, such as your name and insurance provider, with the other driver. This information will be listed on the police report. You can usually pick up a copy of the police report one to three days after the accident.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

It is important to call your insurance company and notify them of the wreck as soon as possible. Many people are under the impression that calling their insurance company is not necessary if they were not at fault; however, this is simply not true. Even if you are not at fault, your insurance company can still help you through this difficult time.

Your insurance provider should be the only provider that you contact. Do not try to contact the other driver’s insurance provider. If the other driver’s insurance agent contacts you directly, try to politely end the conversation with them quickly and without giving any details about the accident. No matter how nice they may seem on the phone, the other driver’s insurance company will not have your best interest in mind. The main goal of this company is to pay out as little as possible. There is a good chance that the other driver’s insurance company is calling you to try to trick you into providing evidence that the accident was your fault, or that your injuries are not as serious as you claim.

If the other driver’s insurance company wants to talk to you directly, make sure to give them as little information as possible. The only information that should be given to this company is the name and number of your insurance agent or your attorney.

What to do if the Insurance Company Doesn’t Pay You a Fair Settlement

Being injured in any car accident can be extremely expensive. Not only do you have to pay for repairs to your vehicle, but if you sustain any injuries, doctor’s bills can continue to pile up for months or even years. If you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you should not be responsible for any of the out-of-pocket expenses.

If the other driver’s insurance company has not agreed to give you enough money to cover the expenses that you have incurred because of the accident, then you may want to talk to a car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the proper steps to take next and may decide that it is best to take the other driver to court to get the rest of the compensation that you deserve.

Lawsuits Involving DUI Accidents

If you decide to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver that caused your accident, you may be able to obtain a reasonable amount of compensation for medical bills and other expenses. However, there may be a few challenges that you encounter if you file a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver.

Civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits are completely different. If the driver is charged with a DUI, he or she will have to go before a judge for the criminal proceedings. In a civil suit, however, instead of the defendant (the drunk driver) facing any potential jail time, the court could order them to pay for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and any other bills that you may have that are in direct relation to the DUI accident.

The No-Fault States vs the Negligence States

Many states in the country have no-fault laws. When a state has these laws, it can make it a little more difficult to sue a drunk driver in civil court. In no-fault states, the victim usually has to have a substantial amount of property damage or has suffered major injuries as a result of the accident in order for the drunk driver to be held liable.

In states that have pure negligence laws, however, a civil suit is not based on how much damage was obtained from the car accident. As long as you are able to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident, you can file a civil lawsuit against that driver.

It can sometimes be confusing trying to figure out what to do after you are involved in a DUI accident. If you need help navigating through this difficult time, you should contact a personal injury lawyer that is experienced with handling DUI accidents.

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What to Ask a Divorce Lawyer at the First Meeting

Divorce is never an easy process, and it can be a heart-rending decision to make. Many factors go into this decision, and it is rarely made without any forethought. Still, the first step in the process should be finding and choosing a divorce lawyer to represent you during the subsequent proceedings.

When choosing a divorce lawyer, however, there is much important information to gather. You want to ensure they can represent you and your interests properly, which is understandable. One way to do this is by asking them questions to better understand the parameters of the situation. Below, we look at many of the best questions to ask a lawyer during your first meeting.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

The amount of time and effort a divorce lawyer has put into their profession can indicate a lot about their capabilities regarding your case. Generally speaking, the more experience they have, the better.

What is the Focus of Your Legal Experience?

It is just as important as knowing how long a divorce lawyer has been practicing is knowing what they’ve been practicing. If a personal injury lawyer, for instance, chose to transition into family law just months before you request a consultation, they may not have the right knowledge and experience to adequately represent you.

Remember, the law is complex and encompasses many different areas of the legal system. Understanding just one area can take a lifetime of study, so it is important not to overlook the power of relevant experience.

How Long Do You Expect the Process to Take?

Divorces can be long and drawn-out affairs. Some of them go on for years or even decades. Therefore, asking your lawyer how long they expect the process to take is a relevant and useful question. You shouldn’t look for an exact answer; rather, you should expect a detailed answer that lays out the process and the rough timelines of these steps.

What is Your Fee Structure?

Once you have some of the foundational knowledge about your case, it is time to inquire about the cost of your divorce. Lawyers will typically request a retainer fee to develop attorney-client privilege, and then they may offer one of several payment options. This could be an hourly rate, or it may be a portion of the settlement amount, depending on the circumstances.

How Much Do You Expect My Case to Cost?

Alongside the cost of your divorce lawyer’s work are the other costs that come with a divorce. This includes filing documentation with the courts, processing fees, requesting information, and other expenses. A lawyer can’t give an exact cost because of the many factors involved, but a rough estimate is certainly possible in most cases.

Will My Case Proceed to Litigation?

Knowing whether or not your case will proceed to litigation is an important part of a divorce. It is also difficult to know how your spouse may react, so having this conversation with your lawyer from the outset can prove beneficial.

What Can I Do to Assist in the Legal Process?

Knowing your own role in the process of your divorce is also key to your success. If you are expected to gather documentation, adhere to instructions or avoid certain behaviors, it is best to fully grasp those finer details. This can prevent confusion and frustration further down the line.

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How To Win a Lemon Law Case? 5 Helpful Tips of Winning Lemon Law

Lemon law cases are mainly related to vehicle relative legal events. There is the possibility of vehicle damage, theft, crashes, or defects. There is a need for an expert who can handle things well and sort it all perfectly to handle such cases.

To win any such case, there is no doubt to do hard work and collect evidence, but more than that it requires professionals that are available in the form of California lemon law attorney who can look into your case and help you get the perfect solution.

Similarly, in case of a Nissan vehicle issue or defect, you can consider a California Nissan lemon law lawyer and discuss your options. This way, legally, you will be in a much better position by their support and gaining proper legal solutions.

Before you plan to have the best lawyers or are thinking that there are possibilities to win, you need to clear few things that may include: 

  • What is the condition of your legal case?
  • In what legal perception or interest the lemon law case has risen?
  • How long have your legal experts worked in cases like yours?
  • Are there any critical angles that define your case?

And these are few things that need a smart understanding before you think to have an attorney and become hopeful to win a lemon law case.

Show valid documents

It is one of the most essential steps to consider, as if you have valid documents, evidence of proof, and you can present them, then the case is surely going to turn your way considering the terms of lemon law.

Take care of your vehicle

Also, it is analyzed in the process of such litigation that how you have taken care of your vehicle, are there any insurance coverage made, or any official financial cover for damage, and these things also matter to help you win a lemon law case in concern to your vehicle considering its condition too.

Cover your vehicle’s financial bills

Again, documents play a vital role, and if you have managed to save financial payments, bills of receipts, and have all such payment bills perfectly covered, then presenting them as strong evidence in court would count and help you prepare a stronger case to defend your vehicle’s possession in a much better way.

Adjust according to state

However, rules may change in different locations, every state has some different law codes and legal procedures, and hence it will become essential how you adjust or adapt if such lemon law case on the vehicle has risen in a different state where you not belong and you have to adapt legally soon to have cover and settle for planning to win a lemon law case.

Arrange an expert with legal terms

Lastly more than anything to look for, to litigate and fight a case and also to win it you would require experts, and for that, you want lemon law experts who can do it, so you can feel safe and can look for all perfect possibilities of solution and it would be settled easily too.


Still, if you have doubt relative to lemon law, are in a more critical situation related to a vehicle, or have faced challenges or problems at different conditions, it’s better to connect California lemon law attorneys, where you will find an expert, your things will be arranged and they are experts of lemon law so they would give you perfect advice and shall solve your problems.

Also if its a case of Nissan vehicle, there are any defects found, or you have had strife with owners or manufacturers, there are legal experts available to handle it and you can consider California Nissan lemon law lawyer to build your case, to help things get settled and they will look into it and make a strong case to help you come out of all challenges for which you can prefer them and settle your responses.

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Reasons to Withhold Visitation in San Bernardino Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, there may be various factors that can play their vital role, in the case of San Bernardino child custody, there may be the possibility of current pandemic scenario, and other official factors also play their role as key reasons to withhold such visitation rights and it has been a new debate of recent times whether it should be a right step or not.

Although it not that it can’t be done ore may be a tough process, and to know the legal ways, to fix things and also to attain such custody, experts can be visited in form of family law attorneys San Bernardino, you can put your case in front of them, and they will help you to prepare a much better case to help get child custody clearing all challenges through which it has been withheld.

Though if it has really been done on a certain scenario and as far rights are concerned, there may be a possibility that it can be done and to understand how it has been made possible, you can also consider Child custody attorneys, San Bernardino, mention the entire process, and hence through legal arrangements the doubts on whether it can be withheld or not should be settled for the course by such experts around.

Specific conditions

There may be a certain specific condition in which custody or visitation rights can be held, and they may include:

  • Terms of finances not cleared
  • Certain traces that have been affecting post-separation
  • Injury, death, or other influence to one parent
  • Legal norms that are not clear to both partners

And these may be such specific conditions in which such rights of custody can be withheld looking at the condition ahead.

Current Covid scenario

Also, the current critical scenario can become a consideration due to which such rights can be withholding, and there are few things to consider that may include:

  • Death happened due to coronavirus
  • One of the parents is struggling or has tested positive
  • Official terms are not complete due to being infected or in recovery
  • Financial bills are yet to be resolved due to illness

And these may be some critical factors connected due to the Covid scenario in which case visitation rights or child custody can be withheld from the mother or guardian’s side.

Incomplete legal procedure

Lastly more than anything, it’s a legal process and requires completing of formal documents, and an absence of them, it can be withheld that may include:

  • Non Availability or looking for approval of documents
  • Waiting for court approval due to current disease situation
  • Lack of documents that specify last visitation authority
  • Delay in filing of all such documents

And these are some key documents that have their presence to complete and in their absence or nonavailability, the visitation rights can be held by a guardian.


Still, if you have doubts, want to discuss the factors that play a vital role in holding the visitation rights, and you want an accurate understanding of them in the long legal process to take, then you can consider Family law attorneys San Bernardino, mention the current state including delay and holding of such rights to perform and they will guide you according to necessity and need of the hour for such legal proceedings to consider.

Also to know more how it can be made possible, to ensure that child custody does become possible with no holding of visitation rights and to answer your all queries relative to it, there are experts available and you can consider child custody attorney San Bernardino, who are expert in the field, know the depth of such strategies to clear, and they will help you to have a much better legal process to recover from such elements and perform visitation rights for which you can have their help to settle your case. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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Ways on How to Survive a Nasty Divorce and Cope with Divorce Psychosis

Divorce is a critical affair for a couple who have lived long together, want to separate finally due to such specific personal reasons, and to cope with its psychosis or to ensure that it doesn’t become nasty, there are certain ways to handle it better.

The main thing it comes upon is child custody and rights to have become part of such psychosis, thus for better legal understanding, you can prefer Child custody lawyers, Fort Mill, to settle your arrangements and better avoid complications of the nasty divorce process.

Also for better guidance, proper psychological ways to come out from, and understand how it can be a better and peaceful process, you can consider a family law attorney Fort Mill, discuss your condition including child custody and fix it according to both parties through legal ways.

Before you decide to give divorce the ultimate touch and set things in both parties favor, there are few basic things you need to look at so it doesn’t become nasty and they may include: 

  1. Don’t push how it all started with your partner
  2. Don’t argue on the final right for child custody
  3. Understand the future of your child and ensure all proper arrangements

These are a few basic elements that save divorce from becoming nasty and also ensure that you cope with divorce psychosis.

Avoid raising shrewd issues

The first thing to consider in case of surviving divorce is that you don’t talk about such issues that inflict relationships, avoid arguing on critical matters and arrange your lifestyle in a better way.

This way you should be able to contain your emotions, have a better functioning of your married life, and it will help to avoid divorce and survive the call of marriage as a couple.

Consider the future as a couple

Also, it is essential if the divorce has been legally started to look at what might be the future of both as a separated person and smart decisions have to be taken to make it well arranged.

You will need to make smart decisions, pick those valuable measures that can better define your life later and this will help you to cover the pain and severity of a nasty divorce and would lead to a better pathway ahead.

Don’t argue on financial errors

Finances are critical in any decision, even in divorce, for that matter you need to check at what stage the financial matters are agreed to in court after all the financial documents have been filed.

It’s better to do a proper tracking of statements instead of arguing on miner financial requirements, and if you can find out proper ways to cover the financial statements, then it will help you to survive both nasty divorce and also divorce psychosis.

Arrange for a matter that creates problems

Lastly, as the divorce is going on legally in the process through lawyers and court, you need to fix things that are critical matters with talk outside, take smart ways to find the problems out, especially related to child custody and other personal matters, and arrange things nicely for them.

It’s better you find ways for the future of a child that may be a part of divorce psychosis, ensure that you have arranged all matters well, and if you can be smart enough to make the right decisions, then it can help in surviving a nasty divorce itself.


Still, if you have doubts, want to clear all things related to surviving from a nasty divorce, and also to know more about divorce psychosis and you are worried about your child custody, it’s better to connect with child custody lawyers Fort Mill, mention your condition and such experts would help you to fix the entire process in a much better way around.

Also to arrange things better, to save from nasty divorce and also to help you get psychologically recover, there are also legal experts available and you can consider Family law attorney Fort Mill to fix your state of condition, arrange all matters and they would help you to not only survive a nasty divorce but also cope with divorce psychosis indeed.

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Ways To File For Harassment Charges And Bring A Harasser To Justice

Harassment is common most of the time in office places and its working environment, many times employees are also dismissed due to the harassment complaints they have filed, and yet this is not the perfect solution and not an even legal way by which employer can plan it and can hurt anybody’s life which is not acceptable and against an employee’s means to earn and live in a better way.

If by any chance it does occur at the workplace, the employee has been harassed and then being dismissed due to filing a harassment complaint, then there is a way to file for harassment charges and also to punish any such employer who has proved to be a harasser to satisfy their own terms.

To help you in such legal matters as to file a case, to bring you back your position, and to help you legally, there are experts available in the form of Employment law attorneys, Beverly Hills, who know such tactics. Can prepare a strong case and can direct you to a much better result by their understanding, norms to proceed and guiding you to a complete process which may certainly be effective.

Also in specific conditions to harassment resulting in wrongful termination, there are also experts available mainly known as wrongful termination attorney Beverly Hills, who are aware of such double-minded tactics, would litigate for your rights as employees and it would ultimately lead to have a better life and punish the harasser for such act done around.

Who could be a harasser?

Depending on the situation, there may be a specific person who can think or plan to harass you and it also depends on location, such as:

  • At the office, possibly your boss can harass you
  • At the workplace, your co-workers can think to do it
  • At your moving place, local persons can think of it
  • Even, at home place, a specific person may found to be involved

Thus these are some specific persons who can be harassers, and to punish them for their activities, there is a certain legal process that can be considered to settle things perfectly.

Direct shreds of evidence are essential

Though, there are possibilities of harassment, proving it is not an easy task and you need direct evidence that may include:

  • Witnesses that suggest forced conduct
  • Evidence of torture, misbehavior, or such actions
  • Verbal terms won’t do to prove it
  • For strong remarks, critical statements, and other conditions, must be recorded

And only on such standards, cases of harassment can be considered legal for which you need to have strong and direct evidence to help you punish a harasser legally.

Legal Process

Finally, the thing that matters most is to consider the legal process, and it has few steps to follow to cover it, that may include:

  • Form to fill to proceed
  • To hire an employment lawyer to litigate
  • To collect and prove evidence and not depend only on sentiments
  • To check all valid sources and present them wisely by the help of your lawyer

And if these all things can be cleared, verified perfectly and your lawyer can litigate well through the legal process, then you can punish the harasser and bring that person to justice.


Still, if you want to know more about the process, want to discuss your choices in case of being harassed, and are confused about how to deal with legal stature, then it’s better to connect employment law attorneys Beverly Hills, discuss your problem and they will help you settle for a perfect solution.

Also if there is a case of wrongful termination because you have filed a case of harassment, it’s better to have legal support in form of a Wrongful termination attorney, Beverly Hills who know all such traps, would assist you in better ways, and would ultimately help you to get your job or finances back by strong legal support.

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