David Chermol

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Mr. Chermol is a Founding and Lead Partner at the disability law firm of Chermol & Fishman, LLC. He represents Social Security disability and SSI claimants across the United States both at the administrative level and in federal court. From 1997 until 2007, Mr. Chermol was as an Assistant Regional Counsel for the Social Security Administration’s Office of the General Counsel in Philadelphia.

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Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia
Social Security Disability
Social Security Disability Attorney Cherry Hill
Social Security Disability Philadelphia
Social Security Disability for Depression
Pots Syndrome and Disability

  • Gender : Male
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  • Education : Graduate
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  • Practise Area : Social Security Disability
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  • Law School : Temple University School of Law, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Law Degree : J.D.
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  • Languages : Spanish
  • Social Security Disability
    National Association of Disability Representatives Member of the Year