After-effects of Divorce on Debt Consolidation

How Will Divorce Affect My Debt Consolidation?

A divorce can be lethal for your emotional and financial health. It can increase your stress level and jeopardize your plan to pay off debts with a debt consolidation plan.

Debt consolidation is a broad term people use to imply the following things:

  1. A debt consolidation program
  2. A debt consolidation loan

Let’s find out how a divorce can affect your debt consolidation plans and financial life. But it is always better to consult your divorce lawyer regarding this because he can guide you in the best possible way.

You should be extremely careful about the joint debts and the debts created by your spouse. Consult with a divorce lawyer before using this debt relief option in these 3 scenarios:

  1. When you have not yet consolidated your debts
  2. When you’re about to consolidate your debts
  3. When you’re thinking to stop the debt consolidation process

How a divorce affects your debt consolidation process

Honestly speaking, it depends on the 3 factors:

  1. Types of debts you are consolidating
  2. How you are consolidating your debts
  3. Your state laws

You can consolidate only unsecured debts like credit card debts, payday loan debts, medical debts, etc. Always remember that.

How you are consolidating your debts

If you’re consolidating debts under a debt consolidation plan, then your multiple bills will be replaced with a single bill of low amount, and you have to pay it every month.

If you’re consolidating debts with a consolidation loan, then the scenario is completely different. Usually, debt consolidation loans are cash-out mortgage refinance loans. It takes almost 30 days to close refinance loans.

If you’re about to initiate a cash-out refinance deal, then it’s better to consult your divorce lawyer immediately. Ask if you should take out the loan. Ask if it will hurt you financially.

If your spouse wants to stay in the family home, then the cash-out refinancing can put the loan in his (possessor) name and he can buy-out whatever equity you (non-possessing spouse) have in the property.

Can you consolidate debts and file divorce at the same time

Yes. You can consolidate your debts and file divorce at the same time. Much depends on the type of debts you have, state laws and your spouse.

I know I’m repeating myself but can’t help it.

If you have joint debts, then both of you should split your monthly payments. For instance, it’s quite common for couples using a joint credit card and having shared expenses. In that case, it’s completely normal to split the monthly payment. If your monthly payment under a debt consolidation plan is $250, then both of you should pay $125 each.

What if both of you decide to quit the consolidation program

If one of you decide to quit the program, then the other spouse has to make the monthly payments. That is one solution.

If both of you decide to quit the consolidation program, then unpaid debts will be clubbed with other debts.

If both of you decide to end the debt consolidation process responsibly, then you can sell your assets and repay your bills early. If you don’t wish to sell your assets, then arrange funds to pay off the consolidation program early.

How can a divorce lawyer help when you’re consolidating debts?

A divorce can help you in various ways. Let us discuss them in detail.

  • A divorce attorney knows the state laws in detail. He knows how the court may divide debts and assets in divorce cases as per the state laws.
  • A divorce attorney can help you if your soon-to-be ex-spouse refuses to participate in the debt consolidation process. Suppose, both of you have a joint credit card but you have hardly used it. Your spouse has used the credit card for his personal expenses. You haven’t used the card at all. In such a scenario, your spouse should pay for it. But what if he refuses to pay the bill? What if he refuses to send payments to the debt consolidation company? The divorce attorney can help you in this scenario.

A word of wisdom

A divorce decree doesn’t negate the original loan agreement. Never forget that.


It’s quite common for married couples enrolled in a debt consolidation plan to include joint accounts. It’s also seen that married couples put shared expenses on a single card in one spouse’s name. It becomes too difficult to allocate monthly payments in such scenarios.

If you’re in a debt consolidation plan and decide to file divorce, then it’s better to have a talk with your spouse first. Discuss the possible ways to manage the cost of debt consolidation. If your spouse has used the card for paying medical bills or buying groceries, then it’s better to split monthly payments. If your spouse has used the card for a spa treatment, then he should make the monthly payment.

Your divorce lawyer can give you an idea about how the court would divide the cost of debt relief plan. But it’s best for both of you to reach an agreement before the court makes a harsh decision.


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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hiring a Calgary Divorce Lawyer MM Law

Divorce can be a life-shattering event, and many people don’t handle it well. When the divorce proceedings follow, you want to know you will be protected by a qualified and knowledgeable Calgary divorce lawyer. The right family law firm can tirelessly advocate for you and your children while in the courtroom. Never try to represent yourself because you stand to lose a lot without the right representation, and divorce will almost always have emotional ties that can fog your judgment:


One of the best ways to arm yourself with excellent legal assistance is to ask friends or even ask personal property lawyers for a good recommendation. You might also look at the reviews from multiple sites as well.


You should always choose a lawyer who communicates well and has an admirable work ethic. Good Toronto divorce lawyers don’t make crazy demands about child support or create an obstacle for you with child custody arrangements.


Divorce lawyers should be interviewed if you hope to find the right one. Almost every Calgary divorce lawyer will give you a free consultation and explain the legal proceedings.


If for some reason you dislike your current lawyer, you can switch attorneys, but you first need to notify him in writing. You also might have to pay fees. The amount owed depends on the fees agreed upon.


While you might believe specific facts will hurt your case and it’s better not to bring them up, in many cases, the opposite will be true. This Is because there’s nothing more crushing than when the other spouse brings up this information, which your attorney didn’t have to make an educated decision about your case. Withholding information can cause you to get unfavorable results.

Divorce can be a devastating and traumatic experience for a lot of people. A family law firm can help you to get the most qualified legal representation for your case.

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Why do you need a divorce attorney?

Divorce is the ultimate difficult step people consider when they give up on their marriage lives. And this is the phase when people fail to make right decisions. The divorce period causes mental stresses, and people fail to get over the trauma. With a divorce lawyer Boynton Beach, however, people would feel safe to work with. The lawyers offer legal as well as emotional assistance to their clients. They not only make sure that their client successfully files for a divorce; they also ensure that their clients get the assets/ property post-marriage. The attorneys keep themselves updated with the Florida divorce policies. Hence, if you want assistance in case of a marriage dispute, the lawyers’ knowledge and experience would prove to be the most beneficial factor for you.



Getting a divorce is a complicated process. The person filing for a divorce needs to complete legal paper works and visit the court for frequent hearings. Besides, the divorce is not just about the official breakup between two people. Certain factors such as child custody, child care, alimony, property distribution and division between the responsible parties, and etc. matters while getting a divorce. Here, having a divorce attorney could help the person put forward his claims in the court and get his/ her share of property legally. Besides, the lawyer ensures spousal assistance post-judgment period.



While you can file a divorce on your own, it is always recommended that you have a divorce lawyer Boynton Beach as your legal assistant. Having a lawyer fastens the court hearing procedures. Besides, the lawyer prevents you from committing mistakes which might lead to the loss of property, assets, or child custody to your partner.

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Divorce Mediation: Few facts one needs to know

Divorce mediation is one step that needs to be considered before considering filing a formal divorce application in the court of law. Mediation is one alternative that lets you find a solution for the amicable settlement of the division of assets, child support, child custody and spousal support. A third party in the form of a mediator is involved who ensures an amicable settlement between both the parties. There are a few things that need to be considered before actually going in for divorce mediation so that both the parties have their expectation setting in realistic terms.

Divorce mediation helps in giving a direction to the conversation

A couple undergoing divorce will not able to come to a common conclusion amicably since they have been at loggerheads for a long time which has been the reason for them to look for a divorce. In that case they need someone who can show them logic and help them decide a better solution instead of washing the dirty linen in public. A divorce mediator with no personal interest will help the couple see logic and will help them in taking the conversation to a logical ending. A divorce mediator will help them to stop digressing from the topic, talk in terms of future rather than focusing on what has happened in the past.

Divorce mediation is not going to help you reunite

Divorce mediation is by no means a method to reunite the warring couple. It is just a method to settle things amicably that would cost a lot of time and money fighting in the courtroom. Do not expect the divorce mediator to lecture you on the merits of staying together or the bad effects your divorce is going to have on your kids. A divorce mediator is a professional who will see to it that all the assets are divided in such a manner that both parties feel satisfied at the end of the process.

It helps you to save time and money

Yes it is true instead of going to the court and hiring a pricey divorce attorney, divorce mediation is able to help you save a lot in terms of time and money. The services of a divorce mediation are chargeable however they are quite low if you consider the expenses incurred on court fees, legal consultation and the numerous rounds you are going to make to the courtroom leaving your kids in the care of a day care and taking a leave from your workplace. The process of divorce mediation if undergoes smoothly might get over in a few hours to one or two days depending upon the understanding and maturity of the couple.

An alternative for litigation

Divorce mediation is an alternative for the lawsuit you are thinking of filing against your spouse. A lawsuit is going to drag your household into the courtroom. Your kids need to be standing testimony for many things. There are going to be harrowing moments when you need to balance your personal, professional and the life you are leading while fighting a lawsuit against your spouse. Litigation in any form takes a toll on your emotional and financial aspects. You can always avoid litigation via divorce mediation.

Divorce mediator is a third party with no personal interest

Divorce mediation involves a divorce mediator who has no personal interest in the lives and assets of the couple. His only motive is to have an amicable settlement of the warring couple as soon as possible since this is going to be his professional win for himself. In case the couple goes in for litigation after mediation it is going to be seen in bad taste for the divorce mediator.

Mediation does not work in a few cases

Mediation does not work in all cases. Cases, where an abusive spouse is involved mediation, will not be possible. A situation where one of the partners has been a chronic cheater in the relationship will not be able to survive the mediator’s room. For such situations, litigation is the only way left. Where one of the partners is being adamant on a few issues and is not ready for compromise divorce mediation should not be considered.

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