5 Kinds of Attorneys You Need at Some time in Your Life

Are you looking for an attorney that can be of great help for solving your legal issues? However, what type of attorney you are searching for. Now, there are several kinds of attorney. The legal field is really very complex as well as large. You will discover that different attorneys specialize in different areas. That’s the reason why there are different attorneys, and whatever may be your legal issue, there’s an attorney who is an expert in dealing with a particular issue.

So, you want to search for an attorney who has the ability for handling the legal issues correctly. What kind of attorneys are there? Since there are several attorneys, in this post, I’ll concentrate on some of them who are specialists in dealing with the common legal issues.

Tax Attorney

The tax attorney has to deal with different tax-related concerns, such as IRS, estate planning, domestic & international business, and many more. These attorneys will help you with settlement and litigation negotiations.

The tax is rough but isn’t impossible. In some of the cases, it’s good not to go with this alone. In case you have a tax argument with the IRS, you can immediately get the backup. The complicated taxes are the other example when the legal help might save you, like a new marriage with variable incomes and assets or a divorce that’s pending.

Estate Planning Attorney

The estate planning attorneys will give you an assurance that all of your family relations are in order in the case somewhat goes wrong. Their task may range from preparation of a trust to the drafting of a will so that your asses get appropriately distributed to your loved ones when you become deceased.

The estate planning attorneys evaluate and draft several documents, like:

  • A trust
  • A last will and testament
  • A durable power of attorney
  • The designation of the heir
  • A medical durable power of attorney

But, there are some situations where people don’t have a will and in such a case, their assets pass through the Probate process. In these situations, Probate Attorneys can be of great help as they can argue how and where that asset gets distributed.

Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense attorney has the following responsibilities:

  • Define the type of crime
  • Recognize the victim that’s involved in the case
  • Find out the real executor of the committed crime

These attorneys will represent you with two kinds of criminal law. These are:

Misdemeanors: These are small serious charges that lead to a fine or imprisonment for less than one year.

Felonies: These are very serious and in case you discovered as guilty, you might end up in the prison itself for more than one year or you might face the penalty of death as well.

The criminal defense attorneys handle a range of small offenses, such as shoplifting to the major crimes, like assault & battery, drug trafficking, DUI or even the murder. Most of the attorneys who exercise the criminal defense might practice working on the side of the prosecution.

Medicaid Attorney

A Medicaid Attorney has the ability to handle different medical lawsuits and medical malpractice claims. They have a wide knowledge of medical standards and law, and the guidelines which governs the professional and ethical conduct in the medical field.

Moreover, a Medicaid Attorney is well-versed with different areas of law which are included in the medical lawsuits. These fields included in this are – personal injury law, malpractice law, insurance law, and contract do.

These attorneys represent the claimants who are injured because of the medical malpractice. They can help you with getting the compensation for the injuries and the losses.

Traffic Attorney

The traffic violation is a serious concern. These attorneys may assist you with the following:

  • Arrest warrants for the due traffic violations
  • Driving with the license that is expired
  • Reckless driving
  • DUI
  • Routine traffic offenses
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Leaving the accident scene

If you face any of the above concerns, traffic attorney would be your ticket to the freedom. The attorney will negotiate you and might represent on your behalf in the court.

These attorneys are high in volume as they have the tendency to have many clients on the everyday basis. They only make one or some mistakes.

The above information will give you an idea of the types of attorneys available. There are many more apart from the above. Ensure that the one you find is best equipped to help you out.

John Barret is a blogger with the Elder Law Center of Wisconsin from the past four years. He is a law graduate in the US and enjoys writing about different legal processes, aspects of the laws, and the significance of having an attorney.

Drawbacks to Getting Your License Suspended

Losing your license is more than an inconvenience. Being unable to drive legally can make it impossible to keep a job or meet all your personal and family obligations.

Unfortunately, Ohio courts and statutes recognize more than 30 reasons to suspend a driver’s license. The punishment can apply to everything from leaving the scene of an accident, letting your auto insurance policy expire, failing to pay child support, getting convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI), which is what state officials call driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and much more. AVOID AN OVI CONVICTION ON YOUR RECORD

The drawbacks to getting your license suspended fall into four broad categories:


Limited to No Driving Privileges

Depending on many different factors ranging from the charge and defendant’s history to the quality of the defense or plea deal, an Ohio driver’s license suspension may be partial or total. A partial suspension grants the driver restricted driving privileges, which are usually limited to trips to and from work, medical appointments, and court dates or meetings with a lawyer.

A total suspension usually precedes the reinstatement of restricted driving privileges. For an OVI conviction, the period of total suspension can last anywhere from 15 days to more than a year. While under total or “hard” suspension, a driver is not allowed to drive at all without risking rearrest, jail time, and a new or lengthier suspension. Violating the restrictions on when and where you can drive with a partially suspended license also risks those new and enhanced penalties.

Surrendering your CDL

Suspensions related to criminal charges or convictions usually apply to both your own driver’s license and any commercial driving licenses you hold. This is always true for drunk or drugged driving suspensions.

Under Ohio law, getting a CDL suspended means you cannot legally drive a commercial vehicle until the term of suspension expires and the CDL is fully reinstated. In other words, getting a CDL suspended often means losing a job that requires driving a truck, bus, or taxi. The lesson? Hiring an experienced Columbus, OH, DUI attorney to fight an OVI charge is a must if you drive for a living.


Increased Risk for Future Suspensions

Suffering through one Ohio driver’s license suspension greatly increases your chances for losing your license again. This is especially true if the suspension comes as part of a sentence for driving under the influence.

Not only do periods of total suspension tend to last longer for people under penalty for driving while drunk or stoned, mandated penalties for second and subsequent OVI convictions include automatic suspensions. The longer a total suspension remains in effect, the more likely you will be to have an absolute need to drive somewhere to respond to an emergency. A dedicated Columbus OVI license suspension can negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the harshest sanctions.


Reinstatement Hassles and Expenses

Once a suspension expires, you must jump through several hoops and pay fees to get your license reinstated. You must present the Bureau of Motor Vehicles proof that you have completed your sentence or paid off the debts that cost you your license. If you went through a lack of insurance suspension, you will also need to present a certificate of insurability called an SR-22. On top of that, the BMV will demand a special reinstatement fee and may require you take portions of the CDL test.

Then, when you get your license back, it will carry whatever points your offense merits. For instance, an OVI conviction brings a six-point penalty. Rack up 12 points on a reinstated license, and it will get suspended again.

Hiring an experienced Columbus DUI attorney to fight an OVI charge is a must if you drive for a living.

Infographics: Probation Sentences You Can Expect for a DUI Conviction

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Avoid an OVI Conviction on Your Record

OVI, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, is what Ohio law enforcement officials, courts, and statutes call driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoiding an OVI conviction is the only way to keep the charge off your permanent record because, unlike most other misdemeanors or low-level felonies, an OVI conviction cannot be expunged with the completion of a sentence and proof of continued good behavior. Read more

Find top rated attorneys and law firms profiles with Find Attorneys Directory, the best and free online attorney directory. Guest bloggers can also publish their articles here as other bloggers are doing.